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The statesperson and the rabble rouser: waiting for the report.

Posted by fcb on May 21, 2008

The National Executive’s decision to publish the report purporting to analyse Labour’s defeat was an inevitable one. It would have been leaked anyway. This way, at least, it gets released as a whole as opposed to allowing only the publication of whichever bits and pieces best suit the Party’s enemies.

It would be stupid, however, if the report were to be reduced to a footbal in the feet of the leadership contestants. Some contestants will, no doubt, be tempted to direct their guns at other contestants who were members of the Party Administration during the election. This would be tantamount to inviting delegates to a lynching.

Let’s not beat about the bush: anyone stooping so low as to use the report in this way, does not  deserve the delegates’ vote. The report should be used as a springboard for a constructive debate on why the Labour Party failed  – throughout the five years of opposition if not since 1998 – to organise a sufficiently broad social consensus that it was the best possible political force to govern the Country. Not only during the last few weeks before the elections. Even less on the day of the election.

To reduce the issue of victory or defeat to the conduct of the campaign or the party’s electoral organisation, and to seek a handful of sacrificial victims, is not the best way of beginning afresh. It will simply mean that we have learnt nothing. On the other hand, the manner in which the contestants will use the report, will afford us an insight into their respective suitability for office…it will distinguish  the statesperson from the vindictive rabble rouser.   


4 Responses to “The statesperson and the rabble rouser: waiting for the report.”

  1. Andrew Sciberras said

    Unfortunately, the Labour Party tried to give the impression that it was united (unlike the gonziPN which only allowed its one Leader to speak)but the various cliques and enmities between the leaders themselves were a mockery for all to see. I have also heard of party candidates defaming their own party leader, Alfred Sant, in the ‘kazini’ and the local committees. These people, amongst many other persons and issues, are part of the reason why Labour lost.

    There needs to be a lot more discipline. I guess strict observance to the rules and codes of ethics are better than a completely laissez-faire, do-as-you-please regimentation. Imagine an army going for battle with troops that have no clue about the art of war, that insult their own general and captains, that are divided into platoons which hate each other and try to rival each other at any cost. With an army so messed up like that – you’re definitely bound to go six feet under.

  2. Anna Maria Callus said

    Time to stand up and be counted. I am not a delegate and so have no vote. But from the nine young (under 30) delegates I know very well, I can tell you that six will vote Joseph, two Evarist and one Marie Louise. If there is a second round with Joseph surviving and Evarist falling, the two supporters of Evarist will give their vote to Joseph. The one voting for Marie Louise has not made up her mind yet regarding what to do if Marie Louise fall in the first round. She has been approached by George supporters but is not terribly excited by their general outlook…they’re wrecks from the 70s, she says. She will come over to us, you’ll see. Will keep you posted.

    Anna Maria Callus

  3. Amanda Busuttil said

    I’ve been writing in favour of a woman as leader of the Labour Party since the birth of this blog (24 March), but it looks like Marie Louise’s chances are very slim. My boyfriend is a delegate and he will vote for Marie Louise. In the second round, if nobody gets an absolute majority in the first, he will vote for Joseph Muscat if Muscat is still in the race.

    Amanda Busuttil

  4. Roger Busuttil Cutajar said

    Anna Maria is right. It is time for the young in this country to stand up and be counted. No better way of doing this than voting for Joseph. Vote Joseph Muscat, power to the young in body and spirit!

    Roger Busuttil Cutajar

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