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Leadership election, first round: Muscat 49.8%, Abela 22.9%

Posted by fcb on June 6, 2008




George Abela



Evarist Bartolo



Marie Louise Coleiro Preca



Michael Falzon



Joseph Muscat



50% + 1



Total cast valid




Joseph Muscat obtained just 3 votes less than the 50% plus 1 required to be elected Leader of the Labour Party. He received 435 votes, that is 49.8% of valid votes. George Abela was runner up with 200 votes or 22.8%. This means that Michael Falzon, Evarist Bartolo and Marie Louise Coleiro are now out of the race. This would normally mean a second round of voting tomorrow, with Delegates having to choose between Muscat and Abela.



5 Responses to “Leadership election, first round: Muscat 49.8%, Abela 22.9%”

  1. Andrew Sciberras said

    This result is truly food for thought.

    -First off it is ample proof that Labour wants Joseph Muscat (49.88%)
    -It shows that whilst Muscat is strong there was no bloc voting or internal party machine mischief, else I imagine that Muscat would have won in the first round.
    -I was surprised that Marie Louise got so few votes, surveys and polls showed that she was stronger than Evarist Bartolo (at least to my knowledge)

    Now the question that is looming is how will the other contenders (those that have been elminated) react? Will they admit that JM is the strongest fellow or will they unite in a common front against him like they did with the Schulz endorsement?

    George Abela did not do like Hilary Clinton or John Dalli and concede defeat, rather he is realistic about his chances. I wonder if this will go down well for him in the near future. But on the other hand, even if he did concede, tonight’s second round of voting still has to take place according to Party statute.

    I am quite certain that Joseph Muscat will emerge as the winner but ultimately it is the delegates who shall decide the fate of the Party.

    Andrew Sciberras

  2. danny attard said

    Michael Falzon boosted the unity factor with his statement. Prosit. I am sure that with a strong professional structure in place, he will be able to contribute towards the required reforms.

    Statement: Michael Falzon, who came third in yesterday’s vote, with 181 votes, this morning issued a statement to thank the delegates and to promise loyalty to the party.

    He also thanked all the other delegates who took part in the vote.

    Dr Falzon, whose term as deputy leader (party affairs) ends next week, confirmed he will not seek another post but would serve as a Labour MP.

  3. harloc said

    Oh come on Andrew. You mean that 49.88 of delegates want JM. But does that mean that a similar or a more favourable result will be achieved in a general election. Keep in the mind that the last choice of the Labour delegates did not proof to be the best one and despite all local and European elections where won the most important test, that of the general election, was lost without any gain of votes for our party.

    Furthermore I cannot understand how you come to the conclusion that JM was strong. The aim of the party machine was to make him win the leadership in the first round and not having to compete with the contestant who was most harmed by the party machine. When you listen to SUper One today you will understand where was the aprty machine. Only today Jason Micallef managed to speak out as it seems that he wil not be loosing his post after all. Better still the rumour is that the role of Deputy Leader for party affairs will be removed in the coming year.

    Everyone knows what farse will again happen today, similar to 2003, and the delegates will vote even stronger today in favour of JM. He will be increasing his votes by getting those of Evarist and a few of MLC and MF. Wait and see. At the time I am writing this it is almost 20:00.

    What I sincerely would like is to have this blog alive and kicking for the years to come so that maybe we will be able to read these comments before and after the next election. What is sure is that by then JM will reach his 40, which is surely not an age of a youth and that maybe his youth charisma will not remain that much. Furthermore Lawrence Gonzi will manage to gain more valuable experience and JM will end up like a son trying to wrestle against the experience of a father. And beleive me that will be the time when again our delegates will be sorry for today’s decision.


    PS. I am not in favour of GA, but in favour of a coalition of the 3 main contenders, that is GA, MF, JM to join the party as one and have the best possible people to lead the party to victory. Who will lead, that was my indecision !!!!!


  4. fabrizioellul said

    Joseph won. A good sign for people who want to see a strong left party in malta.

  5. Andrew Sciberras said

    I think I was correct in my assertion that Labour delegates wanted JM as their leader. However, and this is extremely important, GA, MF, MLC and EB should be 110% on board. They are extremely valuable people and together they can truly initiate what JM calls a “winning generation”. Understandably they are, at the moment, surely hurt for not fairing so well, especially MLC. I would be too if I were in her shoes. But that does not mean a vote of no confidence in them. Absolutely not. Only one person could fill the spot and that was JM. He has given us all a chance to return to the Labour fold and to unite against the true rivals: GonziPN. I’m sure you’d be willing to take that chance Harloc 🙂

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