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Election of Deputy Leaders: first round results

Posted by fcb on June 13, 2008

Total number of votes cast: 850
Total number of valid votes cast: 844

Deputy Leader Parliamentary Affairs

Valid votes cast:         844
Carmelo Abela:           190      
Chris Cardona:            245      
Anglu Farrugia:           409
Minimum of 50% +1:  423

Deputy Leader Party Affairs

Valid votes cast:         844
Toni Abela:                 390     
Clyde Joe Cassar           10      
Gavin Gulia                 295     
Joe Mifsud                  149     
Minimum of 50% +1:  423

As no candidate has reached the minimum of 50% + 1 of valid cast votes, this evening  Chris Cardona and Anglu Farrugia will stand for a second round of elections for the position of Deputy Leader Parliamentary Affairs, whereas Toni Abela and Gavin Gulia will stand for election for the position of Deputy Leader Party Affairs. May the best two win.

Our correspondent at CNL, Hamrun, 00:32 June 13, 2008



12 Responses to “Election of Deputy Leaders: first round results”

  1. Rita Falzon said

    Can’t sleep. Still thinking about the results. It is a pity Karmenu Abela did not make it. He had the perfect image and character to fit into Joseph’s team. The ideal person to make inroads for the Labour Party amongst the thousands of socially committed Catholics whose vote has been so far monopolised by the Nationalist Party. Next best for Parliamentary Affairs is Chris Cardona. He will not appeal to this group but he will appeal to upwardly mobile young professionals. Gavin Gulia would have been better but Gavin did not contest the Parliamentary Affairs post. Pity again, but at least he stands a chance for Party Affairs. So that’s my choice under the circumstances: Chris Cardona and Gavin Gulia.

    Rita Falzon

  2. Lawrence Micallef said

    Gavin of course. Smoother, not strident, more predictable, more of a team worker than the mercurial, populistic tribune Toni Abela. To use Joseph’s favourite verb, we all ‘love’ him and he can be, and often is, brilliant but Toni is sometimes carried away by his showmanship and his rhetoric. In the weeks and months ahead we will have to reorganise the Party to transform it into a a mean and efficient vote-winning machine. To do this we will need a Deputy Leader Party Affairs who can give political support to the best organiser we can find on the Island (I am referring to whoever will fill the post of General Secretary). Although the actual organisational work will be done by a General Secretary, the Deputy Leader Party Affairs will need to be above all a team worker who will work in tandem with whoever will be General Secretary. The General Secretary will have to manage the internal ‘terremot’ that Joseph has promised and the Deputy Leader Party Affairs will have to manage the pain that such an earthquake will inevitably bring (there is no change without pain). I cannot see Toni in this pacifying role. I cannot see him in a supporting role in a change-management team. Gavin is not brilliant but he will fit smoothly into such a team.

    Lawrence Micallef

  3. Salvu bla' hajta f'ilsienu said

    Jekk id-delegati ghandhom ftit melh f’mohhom, il-lejla jivvotaw ghal Anglu Farrugia. Joseph ghandu bzonn xi hadd hdejh li ghandu esperjenza kbira u li lest jiefqilhom lin-NAZIjonalisti. Bit-tbissima ta’ Joseph u l-ispallejn jifilhu ta’ Anglu nerbhu zgur u mill-aktar fis.

    Salvu bla’ hajta f’ilsienu

    [Caretaker: ma nafx min hu Salvu u ma naqbilx ma’ certu lingwagg]

  4. Ivo Galea said

    Two words before I go to work. Anglu and Toni are my choice but I am not a delegate. If there are any delegates reading this, please do it for me. Anglu and Toni, hej, hej, hej! Jokes apart. Anglu has the guts and Toni the wit and both have plenty of experience to match Joseph’s lack of it. Anglu and Toni will be the ideal guardian angels for Joseph.

    Ivo Galea

  5. Andrew Sciberras said

    I must say, I am not particularly fond of Anglu Farrugia. Toni Abela, neither is my first choice, but he is a cool guy once you get to know him. But the former is a complete antithesis of Joseph Muscat so I’m not quite sure what the delegates are playing at. Whereas they voted for a person who said we need to work with the Gov. in the National Interest, at the same time they voted for a person who says this Gov. is illegitimate and we should make street demonstrations every week. Negativity and paranoia was why we lost the general election as far as I know.

    Andrew Sciberras

  6. Zejtun Socjalista said

    Iz-Zwieten ma’ Chris!

    Zejtun Socjalista

    [Caretaker: ma nafx min hu Zejtun Socjalista]

  7. Ganni said

    Like Ivo, I am no delegate. But for once, I concur with their decision… at least if they keep up to yesterday’s trend and elect Anglu Farrugia and Toni Abela. Let’s pray that for once, Jason does not have his way.

    It was obvious, once again, that Mr Micallef was soliciting for Chris Cardona and Gavin/Joe Mifsud. Why?

    Is it really necessary to have all our leaders surrounded by yes-men? Although I would have preferred anyone of the leadership contestants (who did not make it) as deputy leader, Anglu Farrugia and Toni Abela are now my choice.

    Toni’s loyalty is unquestionable. We owe it to him that today the Labour party is more ‘clean’ from the violent elements that ruled the day way back in the eighties.


  8. danny attard said

    I can understand the apprehension but the Joseph with Anglu as deputy is very much in the Blair/Prescott mould that did wonders for UK Labour. Joseph has taken the presidential path and therefore Anglu will be four square behind the Moderat/progressiv strategy. Joseph did say that he would also be tough when circumstances so dictate and Anglu should provide him with the required moral. It will be crazy for any deputy to try to upstage the leader. We suffered from this and I believe that in making their choices they did take into account the personality of the two guys. Both are emotionally inclined and that, in principle, sounds that alarm bells, but they will give Jospeh the space and support he needs. I agree very much with Lawrence’s technical take. I would have prefered Gavin there. Toni is too much of an intellectual and his political pain threshold is too thin. Yet attitudes all round will be positive and he will not try to lambast technique with some kind of doityourself option. Great to see abela on board too. All these should give us a united front, behind Joseph, within the coming weeks. Labour mood will not seem to tollerate the slightest hint of division on one side and a too complacent attitude on the other. A new team will hit the right balance no doubt.

    Buon lavoro

    Danny Attard

  9. fabrizioellul said

    I’m not sure on anglu farrugia. Time will tell.

    Fabrizio Ellul

  10. Henry Muscat said

    If we could be certain that all four candidates competing for the two deputy leader jobs will work as a team and will never try to pull a fast one on Joseph, then I really have no preference. We now have ample proof of Joseph’s inclusive approach, so nobody is asking Anglu, Chris, Tony and Gavin to make sacrifices. There is no doubt that Joseph will never ask them to obey him blindly. I have no doubt that he will involve them in decision-making at every step and all the way. All they are being asked to do is to convince us of their absolute loyalty to Joseph. That is something absolutely different from unthinking obedience. They should never forget that disloyalty to Joseph will be taken to mean disloyalty towards the Party and they will have to bear the consequences of that. This is not written into the statute fo the Party. It is written in our hearts. Nobody messes around with our hearts.

    Henry Muscat

  11. Joseph Borg said

    A deputy leader should be the right hand man of the leader. Is Anglu Farrugia capable of being a right hand man? Is Anglu Farrugia in unison with Joseph? Does he have the right frame of mind? Is Anglu a man of the present season? Too many questions, too few affermative answers. This Labour Party is seems to be at the mercy of your stupid delegates. Stupid, yes, because if they would have elected George Abela, a very valid leader, I would have expected them to elect as deputy someone who could work in tandem with George, and Anglu, God bless his soul, is good as a leader not as a deputy; it is his nature to be second to no one! This is not a love story and contest about whom we love or hate.This is not personal, but it is about ideas, character and teamwork. Nothing personal agaainst Anglu, and yes I admire his tenacity, but I can’t see him as part of the team yearning for a new spring.

    Joseph Borg

  12. J. Borg said

    Hi Joseph Borg,

    what does George Abela have to do with this? SO you’re saying that if Abela had been chosen as leader, Anglu Farrugia would now have won this contest? I don’t see how these two are related.

    J. Borg

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