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Alternattiva Demokratika welcomes Joseph Muscat’s “political maturity”.

Posted by fcb on July 13, 2008

Referring to his proposals to Prime Minister Gonzi regarding the strenghtening of democracy, Joseph Muscat today emphasised the Labour Party’s request that talks on this subject should not be limited to the two parties represented in Parliament but ought to include other representatives of civil society. Alternattiva Demokratika, Joseph Muscat said, should be included in any discussions concerning electoral law and party financing.

Alternattiva Demokratika has welcomed the position taken by Joseph Muscat. Alternattiva chairman Arnold Cassola said this was a “strong gesture of political maturity”. “Indeed, all political parties, as well as civil society, should be directly involved also in the talks on a new electoral system for Malta,” said Dr Cassola. Stephen Cachia, AD’s deputy chairman, added that Joseph Muscat’s going beyond partisan politics was a very positive step as it gives credit to the positive contribution AD had given over the years to Malta’s political development. He hoped that Nationalist Party would also show such political maturity.

July 13, 2007


6 Responses to “Alternattiva Demokratika welcomes Joseph Muscat’s “political maturity”.”

  1. Clive Fenech said

    May I remind you all of a comment I made way back on March 25 of this year (yeah, seems like years ago):

    “Moviment li jmur lil hemm mill-Partit Laburista u li jinkludi kull minn ghandu idejat innovattivi u progressivi, kull minn ghandu l-hila u l-inizzjattiva li jwettaq progetti li joholqu il-gid, u kull min tabilhaqq xeba’ bil-qerda ta’ l-ambjent.” [From Joseph Muscat’s Media Release 24/3/0 8]

    Well, this is what I call an winning vision: “A movement that goes beyond the Labour Party itself and that includes all those with innovative and progressive ideas, all those who have the capacity and the initiative to carry out wealth-creating projects, and all those who are really fed up with the destruction of the environment!” Wow!

    From “A lively and healthy debate within and around the Party” 2008/03/25 at 2:27 PM


    That was more than two months before we elected Joseph Muscat as leader of the Labour Party, and it is slowly but surely beginning to happen. Proset Joseph! Keep up the good work. It won’t be easy but we’ll make it.

    Clive Fenech

  2. Stephen Mallia said

    I disagree with the tone of Joe X’riha’s comment to the previous editorial posting [A broad movement to save Malta and Gozo from drowning in a sea of speculation]. As one of the earliest contributors to Labour in labour, may I remind Joe X’riha that we chose Joseph Muscat precisely because we wanted a leader capable of uniting all progressives and moderates in this country. The last thing we need now is someone making fine scholastic distinctions between authentic and not-so authentic angels. I will follow Clive Fenech’s suggestion and remind you of something I wrote weeks before Joseph’s election. Let’s not forget the principles that made this blog one of Malta’s liveliest political fora and the pioneer of the movement of moderates and progressives that Joseph is working towards!

    Here is the quote:

    “The overriding aim of all intelligent and progressive Maltese and Gozitans is to transform this Country from a tacky provincial outpost of Europe into a vibrant centre of economic and cultural development, one where environmental and social sustainability are beyond discussion. To do so we need to replace this tired, old government. To do so we have to gear up for elections whenever they may come. To do so we need everybody who can make a valid contribution, without prejudices and without preconditions”.

    From “A lively and healthy debate within and around the Party” 2008/03/26 at 5:59 PM

    Stephen Mallia

  3. Melinda Galea Stewart said

    Well said Stephen! The attitude taken by Joe X’riha will discourage moderates and progressives with social and cultural roots different from those of mainstream Labour from participating in the movement we are striving to piece together. X’riha ta’ moffa, Joe!


  4. Red Robin Hood said

    You’re all being unfair with Joe X’riha. It seems to me that the recurring names of commentators on this blog are rigidly regimented and indoctrinated neo-Stalinists who will pounce on any commentator who deviates from the one and only party line to whip him back into the sheep pen. Look at the way you hounded out from this blog independent-minded individuals like Dominic Fenech, Harloc, Charles Cassar and others! The party line you defend at all costs is – what else – Joe Muscat’s ‘stagjun politiku gdid’ which boils down to collaborating with GonziPN. Reminds me of the Stalin-Ribbentrop pact of 1939. The Soviets, who felt that they were not ready to resist an attack from Nazi Germany, signed a non-aggression treaty with Hitler. Their fellow Communists in Europe were confused and felt betrayed (those in Italy and Germany were being persecuted and killed by the Nazis and Fascists) but meekly obeyed Joseph Stalin. Not that this helped the Soviets much because in any case Hitler set out to invade the USSR in the summer of 1941 (Operation Barbarossa). Joe X’riha is being silenced by the Joseph brigade that runs this blog in the same way that the European Communists were told to shut up by another Joseph in 1939…meanwhile Gonzi is preparing his own Operation Barbarossa. I did not support Joe Muscat’s election because I knew what was coming. Good thing we have a good and solid deputy leader in Anglu Farrugia. Labour sissies of your kind don’t appreciate him? Tough on them. You are ganging up against Joe X’riha because he warned against taking fashionable environmentalists too seriously. He is right of course! You are misguided and naive if you think that greens will become our allies against GonziPN.

    Red Robin Hood

  5. fabrizioellul said

    I always find it amusing, that people such as Red Robin Hood, come, drop a bomb of insults (neo-stalin, you must be kidding right? sissies? homophobic too?) and remain anonymous.

    It is only natural for MLP and AD to work together.

    22% of the PN electoral manifesto had green policies. The rent reform, the liberalization of transportation and divorce were all part of the AD program. So, apparently, AD were right on different issues. If anything AD was the only progressive party in Malta.

    Everyone, with eyes in his head, can tell that Joseph has done a great job, so far. He got Gonzi to form a committee to strengthen democracy and suddenly, out of the blue, the PN is ready for a discussion on divorce. The time of drawing trenches on every subject are over. Common sense and discussion will prevail. People are not used to this kind of politics; they prefer to resort to insults and name calling rather than criticism (and here I’m not referring to RRH).

    Fabrizio Ellul

  6. Maria Vella said

    Nice one Red Robin Hood. We are the sissies of course even if we do not hide behind bold paraventi. We are proud of Joseph and Anglu and Toni and ask why should anyone try to stimulate divisions? Who will benefit? Being a sissie, I trust that you do not see my reply as an attempt to frighten you off. 🙂

    Maria Vella

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