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Support Joanne Cassar! Join the SOLIDARITY MESSAGE MARATHON!

Posted by fcb on August 1, 2008

Labour in labour supports Joanne Cassar’s right to marry her partner!

Joanne Cassar was born male. Following gender reassignment surgery she was legally declared female.  Now she wants to marry a man she loves.In 2006, the Marriage Registrar refused her application for marriage. In 2007, she filed an application in the Civil Court requesting that the Director of the Public Registry be ordered to issue the banns. Her application was upheld and in February the Court ordered the issue of the banns. In May of this year, however, the decision was revoked.

Joanne is not giving up. If necessary, she has declared, she will take her case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Labour in labour is taking the symbolic initiative of organising the JOANNE CASSAR SOLIDARITY COMMENT MARATHON! It’s simple, just post a comment in the SPECIAL PAGE we have just opened today (go HOME and the click on JOANNE CASSAR SOLIDARITY COMMENT MARATHON!) telling us what you think about Joanne’s determination to have her human rights respected by a member state of the European Union, Malta.

Your comment should state clearly where you stand on this issue. Are you in favour, or are you against? Our goal is to collect 1000 signed comments in favour of Joanne Cassar’s cause. You may disagree, if that is what you think is right, and we will still publish your comment. For a comment to be approved and counted, it has to carry your real name, your ID card number, a real e-mail address and possibly a telephone number where we can reach you if in doubt that you really exist. Only your name will be published. All personal information will be destroyed in the presence of a notary within two weeks of the end of the Marathon.

The Marathon will come to an end on the last day of September 2008 or as soon as we upload comment Number 1000. When the Marathon is concluded we will also publish the number of comments against Joanne Cassar’s cause. We trust that the publicity generated will contribute to foster a progressive European mentality in this country.

The Labour in labour Collective

1st August 2008


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