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Re-inventing the Malta Labour Party (and Maltese politics): an unauthorised tazebao.


Posted by fcb on August 28, 2008

The end of August holidays is nigh! Let the good rejoice and the bad tremble for we’ll be back next Monday, September 1st.



  1. Abel Abela said

    Dr Joseph Muscat’s proposals for restructuring the party included:


    Partit fejn l-istrutturi strategici, amministrattivi u operattivi isiru iktar sinifikanti u li ikunu jirriflettu u jiffunzjonaw skond il-htigijiet tas-socjeta kumplessa li ninsabu fiha llum.

    14. Billi titwaqqaf il-kariga ta’ Direttur tar-Rizorsi Umani li jara li l-Partit Laburista juza l-abiltajiet ta’ l-impjegati u l-voluntiera bl-ahjar mod possibbli u ssir sejha pubblika ghall-persuni li jridu jaghtu kontribut volontarju lill-Partit.

    15. Billi jitwaqqaf Unit ta’ nies professjonisti fil-qasam finanzjarju biex jikkordinaw dan il-qasam.

    16. Billi titwaqqaf, minghajr spejjez zejda, Rapprezentanza Ufficjali tal-Partit Laburista ghall-Unjoni Ewropea fi Brussel.

    17. Billi jitwaqqaf Unit li jiffoka fuq programmi ta’ l-Unjoni Ewropea.

    18. Billi jitwaqqaf Unit ghad-Djalogu Socjali li jiehu hsieb ir-relazzjonijiet mas-socjeta’ civili u organizazzjoniiet mhux governattivi.

    19. Billi jitwaqqaf Policy Unit li jikkordina u jivverifika t-tfassil tal-policies tal-Partit Laburista permezz ta’ involviment ta’ politici u esperti.

    20. Billi ikun hemm Forum tal-Kandidati li jiltaqa regolarment mat-tmexxija tal-Partit Laburista u mall-Kelliema tal-Partit Laburista dwar suggetti specifici.”

    To sum up – a Director of Human Resources, 4 expert Units (Finance, Social Dialogue, EU programs, Policy), an EU Representation in Brussels, and a Forum for Candidates.

    The party statute (which may be freely downloaded from the website) is already purposely ambiguous on the respective division of labour and duties of the Deputy Leader for Party Affairs, and the Secretary General.

    A quick look at the statute reveals that the party is already overcentralized and suffering from necrosis at the grassroots – the local centres which should be the nerve endings of the party in the community – that is, among voters – where it really matters – are instead showing little sign of life, and in some cases truly dead.
    Centralization entails managerial efficiency and smooth organizational operation. But it may also lead to serious problems if the party loses touch with real people (aka voters) in Malta’s towns and villages who have never been to Mile End.
    Can we have both – a modern well organized party, and a party which is in real touch with communities?
    It is not an either-or choice. The party cannot consider itself to be modern and well organized, unless it achieves real contact with voters.
    The leader will soon appoint a CEO.
    A CEO may play a crucial role in restructuring the party. But the person appointed for the role will have no easy task unless s/he is provided with the necessary tools.
    A good reason for having a CEO is a grassroots perestroika in the party which reaches to the topmost levels.
    A bad reason for having a CEO is to hope that one individual may glue the disparate and frequently antagonistic parts together.
    The worst thing which can happen to a party like the MLP – which has become the permanent opposition party in this country – is to get lost in organizational and management experimentation, toying around with its statute, structures and posts, including changes which relate to particular characters and personalities, whilst forgetting that it’s voters out there who have the final word, and they will be once more asked to speak quite soon. In other words, to end up – with all due respect to the leader – to be OVER-MANAGED and UNDER-LED organization.

    Voters have always rewarded UNITY and punished DIVISION.And voter memory is not that short.
    The key to unity in Labour is leadership. That’s all Labour can offer – it does not have the governing party’s power of incumbency.

    It is important to ensure that the changes to take place in the next few weeks lead to party unity and to real communication with the voter, including the big chunk of the population – the “14th disctrict” – of more than twenty thousand voters who did not vote.
    Malta deserves a good chance to vote Labour in 2013 if its democracy is not to become a sham. Labour will give the country that chance by becoming a national government-in-waiting. But that has to happen now, not in 2013.
    Amen to that.

    Abel Abela

  2. Thomas Falzon said

    Abel is right, of course, the last thing we need to become is a party that is, “OVER-MANAGED and UNDER-LED”. We need management badly but management is no substitute for political leadership. Joseph’s election has fired the enthusiasm of many but it has terrorised a few…the few who are not comfortable with the changes ahead. These will resist us at all costs and will create all sorts of problems to deviate us from our principal tasks. You cannot fight people like these with mananagement; you can only do it with leadership…competent, inspiring and resolute leadership. Josepg is capable of such leadership. That’s why we chose him.

    Thomas Falzon

  3. J. Borg said

    Good managament is essential to reach those goals which the leadership aims at achieving. Labour needs a strong leadership to give direction, and a very efficient management to pave the way. The leadership shouldn’t, in my opiniion, try to manage the Party, that should be left to functionaries/managament etc. On the other hand the management should stick to managing and thus implementing the leadership’s projects etc.

    n.b. should the sec. general be considered to form part of the leadership or the management? And what about the President?

    J. Borg

  4. Abel Abela said

    Thanks Thomas.

    The following is a quick list of the new party units, working groups, and individual posts proposed in Joseph Muscat’s ‘Vizjoni ghall-Partit Laburista’:

    1. Grupp ta’ Hsieb permanenti maghmul minn hassieba u mexxejja ta’ l-opinjoni li jezamina r-rwol tal-Partit Laburista fis-socjeta’
    2. teknici esperti f’ setturi differenti – supporting the work of MPs and Nat Exec
    3. Grupp ta’ Hidma biex janalizza s-sitwazzjoni fil-mezzi tax-xandir tal-Partit Laburista
    4. akkademici u veterani minn diversi oqsma – to help collect the history of the Labour Party
    5. Grupp ta’ Hidma li jhejji Kodici ta’ Etika ghall-mezzi tax-xandir tal-Partit Laburista.
    6. Direttur tal-Kommunikazzjoni
    7. Unit ghall-Marketing li jikkordina d-dehra tal-Partit Laburista
    8. Direttur tar-Rizorsi Umani
    9. Unit ta’ nies professjonisti fil-qasam finanzjarju
    10. Rapprezentanza Ufficjali tal-Partit Laburista ghall-Unjoni Ewropea fi Brussel
    11. Unit li jiffoka fuq programmi ta’ l-Unjoni Ewropea
    12. Unit ghad-Djalogu Socjali
    13. Policy Unit
    14. Forum tal-Kandidati
    15. Call Centre
    16. Forum ta’ l-Ideat
    17. Gruppi ta’ Hsieb dwar oqsma ewlenin tal-politika lokali, Nazzjonali u internazzjonali
    18. Kariga fl-Amministrazzjoni tal-Partit Laburista li tkun responsabbli direttament mill-kordinament tal-hidma rigward Kunsilli Lokali
    …and the list can be extended.
    All of this presumably in general to be added to, rather than replace, the present structure.
    Sorry, I almost forgot – the appointment of a CEO / Kap Ezekuttiv.
    One question.
    Shouldn’t the CEO of a political party be its own Leader?

    Abel Abela

  5. Karl Vella said

    As a man in business, our company does not devulge strategy and company affairs. The Ceo does what he has to do, without broadcasting to our competition his plans. It is the CEO, that is Joseph who has to decide what is to be done. Even in politics, seious politicians make it happen without consulting the experts, that is the delegates. McCain in America consulted no one but himself to pick his vice president. If such a thing happened within the Labour Party, only God knows how many ex-leaders, primadonnas, and Jack of all politics, would each demand explanations! So, Joe, give us a break, start, anew, do what has to be done, as in Europe, and in America. He who does like it should move aside, if not push him or her over!.

    Karl Vella

  6. Abel Abela said

    Prosit Karl! erba’ sentenzi ta’ stoffa.

    Abel Abela

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