Labour in labour

Re-inventing the Malta Labour Party (and Maltese politics): an unauthorised tazebao.

About us

‘Labour in labour’ is a virtual tazebao (wall newspaper, see various comments inside about the genealogy of this radical means of communication and its potential in today’s internet-driven world). It began its life as an open real-time discussion of the Malta Labour Party’s quest to choose the best possible leader to replace Alfred Sant who resigned the Party’s electoral defeat of March 8, 2008. After the election of Joseph Muscat as the Party’s new – and innovative – leader, we turned our attention to the longer-term objective of re-inventing Labour and Maltese politics generally. It is not an official site, nor is it an ‘authorised’ site. It is run by a growing team of mostly young persons. What these young men and women have in common is an open-ness to dialogue and a readiness to go wherever it might take them, without preconceptions.


9 Responses to “About us”

  1. Interesting blog. Hope it does not end when a new labour leader is announced.

  2. fabrizioellul said

    It looks like an interesting blog. If it keeps being objective, then I hope it continues after the election.

  3. philip camillleri said

    What a grand performance Joseph Muscat gave yesterday at Birzebbugia. He left everyone – around 800 of us – open-mouthed. He showed us a forward-looking vision for our Party and Country. Keep it up Joe. With you our children’s future is guaranteed.

    Philip Camilleri

  4. Leli said

    Congrats for this blog. When I stop and think, I feel so sorry. So much creativity, so much talent, so much energy and yet so little room within our party before the election for supporters and well-wishers to contribute. And when I read the post-election report I feel even more bitter because with more inclusion, space, drive and leadership we would have won hands-down.


  5. danny attard said

    will miss this blog post 5th so hope it has a future if u have the time and desire. If not thanks a million and have a great life

    Danny Attard

    p.s. should Joseph or possibly Varist fail to make it to leader, it is my opinion that the Party will lack a significant progressive/liberal component, a fundamental component if the MLP is to take Malta forward to modern progressive times within the EU… in which case I suggest that this blog should cascade into a new phase as the voice of the progressive/liberal labour component…

  6. danny attard said

    One small blog idea…how about cascading onto a Labourinprogress blog after election of new admin?

    Danny [Not a bad idea Danny. Thank you for the suggestion. However, if I may say so, I honestly think that never before has the name labourinlabour been so relevant. I feel that it is really now, after the Labour party has elected its new leader, that the real “labour” of Labour begins, in the true sense of the word 😉 Don’t you agree? Caretaker]

  7. danny attard said

    Indeed. The talk has been talked and now for the hard bit as the walk now begins 🙂 prosit

    Danny Attard

  8. Peter Muscat said

    @ Editorial team … Thanks for your support at the pit of all evils.

    It is public knowledge that Daphne Caruana Galizia uses her site/forum to deliver spite and hate towards the MLP Leaders in particular and the Labour movement in general.

    Of course she is very well supported by her sisters, her family, her friends and her clones.

    Her cry of freedom of expression applies only to the above mentioned friends of hers. The many posts I posted at her forum that were never made public prove her deceit.



  9. petermuscat said

    @ Moira, who commented about a post of mine in another forum…

    Please read all my posts and you’ll understand better that what you quoted should not be taken literally.

    My previous post here might help you to understand better.


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