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Labour in labour supports Joanne Cassar’s right to marry her partner!

Joanne Cassar was born male. Following gender reassignment surgery she was legally declared female.  Now she wants to marry a man she loves.In 2006, the Marriage Registrar refused her application for marriage. In 2007, she filed an application in the Civil Court requesting that the Director of the Public Registry be ordered to issue the banns. Her application was upheld and in February the Court ordered the issue of the banns. In May of this year, however, the decision was revoked.



Joanne is not giving up. If necessary, she has declared, she will take her case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Labour in labour is taking the symbolic initiative of organising the JOANNE CASSAR SOLIDARITY COMMENT MARATHON! It’s simple, just post a comment here telling us what you think about Joanne’s determination to have her human rights respected by a member state of the European Union, Malta.

Your comment should state clearly where you stand on this issue. Are you in favour, or are you against? Our goal is to collect 1000 signed comments in favour of Joanne Cassar’s cause. You may disagree, if that is what you think is right, and we will still publish your comment. For a comment to be approved and counted, it has to carry your real name, your ID card number, a real e-mail address and a telephone number where we can reach you if in doubt that you really exist. Only your name will be published. All personal information will be destroyed in the presence of a notary within two weeks of the end of the Marathon.

The Marathon will come to an end on the last day of September 2008 or as soon as we upload comment Number 1000. When the Marathon is concluded we will also publish the number of comments against Joanne Cassar’s cause. We trust that the publicity generated will contribute to foster a progressive European mentality in this country. 

The Labour in labour Collective

1st August 2008





  1. chris cardona said

    hats off to this initiative and full support to joanne’s plea and courage.

    Chris Cardona

  2. Emmanuel J Cachia said

    Dear Joanne

    I support you wholeheartidly. You have every right to be happy and to fulfill your dreams

    Emmanuel J Cachia
    ID Card 468883 M

  3. fabrizioellul said

    I agree too. All the best for joanne.

    All the more for a strong progressive movement.

    Fabrizio Ellul

  4. Danny Attard said

    Joanne’s efforts to marry should be an example to all those who are to apprehensive to marry. Marriage should be encourgaed as it shows commitment to love. My full support of course.

    Danny Attard

  5. Saviour Laferla said

    Do you belive in heaven? and do you belive that God is just?

    If you do, then forget marrige and love your partner. If you don’t then anything goes.
    Do not ask the people if Joanne may get married, ask God. Most probably he will tell you that she MAY (cause we are free), but she CAN NOT.

    Totally against. Marriage is to create a family, not just to promote love.

    Saviour Laferla

  6. NEVILLE GAFA' said

    My full support goes to Joanne.
    I’m really disgusted that in 2008 we still have a public registry that still thinks like 60 years ago.
    Do these people think they have the right to order others what they shall do and shall not do?
    It’s time to react like Europeans.
    Joanne don’t give up.

    Neville Gafa’.

  7. Andrew Sciberras said

    I fully support Joanne’s cause. As a firm believer in the fundamental notion of ‘equality in diversity’ I believe that Joanne is being denied a fundamental human right. No institution should impose a social order that controls people’s personal lives. I wish you the best of luck Ms. Cassar, to you and your fiance.

    Andrew Sciberras

  8. J. Borg said

    Full support for Joanne Cassar. Ms. Cassar, I admire your courage in trying to fight back this injustice.

    Why should the state intefere in such personal things as marriage between consenting adults?

  9. Andrew Aquilina said

    It is more than about time that as citizens and taxpayers we are given equal rights to live our life as we think fit. We have the same right to happiness as anyone else.As a gay person I am being denied the right to be together with my lover of some 4 years,he lives in a non EU country, We wish to celebrate our union with a civil partnership yet the State still persists in deying us our fundemantal rights.

    Good luck Joanne.Have courage,Fight them all the way. In the end I am sure that you will achieve your wish and at the same time you will have helped your fellow sufferers who may be less fortunate than you.

    Andrew Aquilina

  10. Charlot Zahra said

    I fully support Joanne’s crusade against the authorities to obtain the right to marry. I believe that as a country that purports itself to be a modern EU Democracy, the Maltese Government should immediately call on the Marriage Registrar to drop his objection to the marriage of Joanne and her partner. However I think that it will be a long harg slog, as the Theocracy at Castille is still resisting the move. If the judicay in Malta turns its eyes back to Joanne’s case, then I would strongly endorse her plans to file a court case in Strasbourg, which will expose the Maltese Goverment’s shame in front of Europe, where such civil liberities are protected and cherished.

    Charlot Zahra

  11. James A. Tyrrell said

    Joanne I support you 100% in your efforts to do what you have every right as a woman to do, legally marry your partner. This is supposed to the 21st century for God’s sake. Isn’t it time that people got their heads out of the sand and began acting like modern day human beings? All the best Joanne, I hope everything works out for you.

    James A. Tyrrell

  12. I Cannot understand how a recognized woman is not allowed to marry a man. Then why the hell did the authorities recognize her as a woman?

    Besides, will she be effecting any one of us? No. So let her fullfil her dream.

    Good luck Joanne.

    Byron Camilleri

  13. John Ghigo said

    I think that Joanne has the right to get married like everyone else.

    Good luck in your fight.

    John Ghigo

  14. George Busuttil said

    This is a good initiative. Only hope that it will find the support of many people.
    If Joanne wants to marry this decision should be left only to her and her partner. If they are free to marry so be it. Let their marriage be a celebration of love.

    George Busuttil

  15. Remember Joanne that nothing worth having comes easy. The History books are full of examples. So don’t lose heart! The great irony here is that you actually want your union to be recognised before God and man – which is what your opponents insist upon. But in these people’s eyes, marriage is only meant for procreation – love is of secondary importance. Give it all you’ve got girl!

    Martin Bugeja

  16. Jason Aquilina said

    why she can’t marry? she is a woman and she loves a man, so what’s the fuss all about? I don’t know her or her partner but i support her 100%

    Jason Aquilina

  17. joe vassallo said

    how one can think that these things can happen to someone who’s only asking to be loved,I wish Ms Joanne Cassar all the heppnes in her life which you had all the right to have.

    joe vassallo

  18. Joseph Galea said

    Dear Joanne,
    Whilst I fully sympathise with you, I believe we really have to change our approach and legal system, before allowing you to get married to your partner. this will be in your interest.
    Take care
    Joe Galea

  19. Anthony Delia said

    I fully support Miss Joanne Cassar and wish her all the luck in this case . Now we are full members in the EU so everyone has the right as other members in the other EU countries . We are in 2008 but in malta some laws are still of 1900.

    Anthony Delia

  20. John Ventura said

    Every human being has a right to seek happiness, I feel that Joanne like everyone else has the right to seek happiness. If she feels that she will be happy by marrying she should be able to do so. She is not hurting anyone in doing so,after all legally she is female, and from the picture I have seen an attractive one too. So I support Joanne Cassar and anyone in her position. And why was it that the Court revoked the decision to issue the banns? I expect more seriousness from our Courts.


  21. Paul Muscat said

    Joanne Cassar has a right to marry her beloved one!
    Paul Muscat
    ID Card Number included

  22. pamela schembri said

    if joanne was legally declared female i think that there should be no problem as it is a normal marriage between a male and a female….joanne is no longer a male even though she was born as on….

    Don’t give up….

    Pamela Schembri

  23. marvic vassallo said

    well iam a friend and a neighbour of joanne i have seen here changing from male to female and i truly know how much she has suffered all her life her family her friends has accepted her how she is and love her because she has a big heart for everyone i think that everyone has the right to do all the things right so why she isnt allowed
    i support her well done jo

  24. Aldo Gatt said

    I admire your perspicacity Joanne. You will get there. Your fight is mine.

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